La Sagrada Familia doesn’t light up every night. Just FYI.

17 Jul

Woke up today and headed out around 10. We originally were going to do a bike tour, but decided against it, which we were both really happy about. We took the metro into the city and walked around a bit. We really enjoyed it. Shops all around pretty buildings. We grabbed some coffee at a cute little cafe where Audrey couldn’t figure out how to flush the toilet.

We were just wandering around, not really sure where we were, and we stumbled across this sandwich shop that has gluten free buns! Praise God! It was so awesome. I had really been wanting a sandwich. Before we ate, we walked around a bit and found a store called Incas. Auds got a pretty sweet dream catcher there and I got a toe ring. Then we headed back up and got some sandwiches to take with us to the beach! When we heard the beach was a 30 minute walk…we headed to the metro. We loved the beach! Chilled there for hours. Auds loved the water. I only got in once. And I was like abnormally sandy. I would shake my towel off an minutes later everywhere was covered again. We saw some weird things at the beach, this you would definately not see on the lawn at OBU. From just today I already have a toe ring tan line.

After the beach we walked around. Found this big fish statue thing and tried to find some dinner. Went into a mall on accident. Audrey got an empanada at a cart thing. Decided we should take the metro to La Sagrada Familia and find food there. Figuring out how to get there was a task, but Auds found the stop on the map. Ate at a buffet right across from the cathedral. They had a cool coffee machine. I saw signs that said salsa and queso. I was confused because there was no chips, but noodles right here. I got the queso for my potatoes and when i got to the table i told Auds about it and asked her to ask for chips. Turns out it was marinara and Alfredo sauce..awkward. And yeah, Alfredo sauce has gluten in it….

Checked out the outside of the cathedral then headed to Starbucks. Chilled there for while and got on the wifi. A nice worker who didnt know much English helped us get that wifi. We waited and waited for it to get dark because we saw pictures of the cathedral lit up at night. It was pretty dark and not lit up when we asked our Starbucks worker friend if it lit up. He said,”uhhh I not sure but no, tonight I think maybe tomorrow.” Walked a bit and went in a place that had raw squid and little snails. You could see their heads. And we saw a sign for securitas! (OBU peeps will get that joke)

So we headed home. It’s about 1am here. I can’t sleep. We head out to the airport at 4am…so in the 3 hours. Cool. But we are taking a taxi.

Next stop, Rome!









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